sábado, 28 de septiembre de 2013

My timeline!

Ok... I know you're so excited so I'm going to show our first mini-project. In this "mini-project" I had to create my timeline. and... How did I make it? Mmm... It's an easy question.. I made it in TimeRime ! It's very easy to create a timeline, you have to register and then you have to follow the steps, I said it was easy! ;-)
So, here you have it! I hope you enjoy it and before you see it I have to tell you somenthing... All the pictures are mine (except one ,I think) so, I didn't find them in Google, I found them in my albums!

Are you there? Because I have returned!

Yes! Holidays are finished, backpacks are preparated and... school have started. I know that for some people this it isn't a good new.. but that's why I'm here! This year I have a lot of projects that I would like to show you! I hope you enjoy it and I'll do my best in my projects.
So... LET'S GO!

martes, 18 de junio de 2013

Lovely holidays...

And that's all, summer is coming, classes are finished and people are happy because they have passed all the subjects... This means holidays are here. I need it a lot, because I was very bussy those days and I need some days of relaxing... But next year is going to be more difficult that this one. I have very good memories of this year and I hope next one will be better.
 I hope you like our projects and our tasks, and that you enjoyed all the things we did during this year. Thank you very much for readind my blog and I hope see you after this holidays.
I hope you had fun with this blog!

Extra! Extra!

Homobe News, the best source of information , is presenting his new in Homobe FM! This new is related with the last project in which we participated: This Town Rocks! We did some interviews to some students and to our teacher, and all of them served with some photos of our travel to Marbella for presenting our project. Are you going to lose this chance of knowing more secrets of this project? Look at the following video!

miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

Do you want to rock?

Welcome to the new Hard Rock Cafe of Granada! It's a joke! I will explain the new project... Homobe Inc. (Christian, Andrea and me) are trying to open a HRC in Granada, but before we have to persuade to a Bord of Directors composed by teachers of other high schools, universities... So, we have to make a dossier talking about the economic reasons, the decoration, the menu, the memorabilia, the leisure...
Our HRC have special activities and deoration!
 We'll  put multi-touch tables, we'll make a Guitar Hero's tournament and we have a spectacular menu, and all of these are waiting for you in our HRC.
But before going, I have to ask you a question...
Do you want to rock?

We had finished our project!
Now, we hope that the Board of Directors would consider the posibilites of opening a Hard Rock Cafe in Granada like the one that we have presented!
Before the official presentation, we did a rehearsal in our high school with some teachers where we presented our dossier and we told about we would like to do, how the HRC looked like...
We went to Hard Rock Cafe in Marbella to present to the Board of Directors, and then we ate... NACHOS! They were delicious! After that, we took a lot of photos and we visited Puerto Banus.
Here you have our advertisement, the prezi that we used and some photos of the day!

lunes, 4 de febrero de 2013

MLK Week!

In our High School we have done a MLK week in honour of the MLK day in USA. So, my partner and I we tried to do a PechaKucha, and the result is a video based in the rules of PechaKucha (20 slides x 20 seconds). We have made it by PowToon, it's a good web where you can make awesomeness videos!
We hope you like it!

sábado, 19 de enero de 2013

See you soon!

Maybe you're asking why I didn't write during his time. Well my class and I are moving to another platform, edmodo. There we're doing all our tasks, but this doesn't mean that I'll never write here... So this is a short good-bye.
See you later alligator! :D